David Wolf Photographs

Left Behind is devoted to unwanted, forgotten and discarded things.

Both document and metaphor, the project presents myriad found objects in a context rich with social insight and emotional resonance.

Left Behind speaks to the parallel lives of things and people. Where do we stand in relation to one another in a culture characterized by the expendable? Things are used and then discarded, no longer wanted and soon forgotten. Sometimes things are left on the sidewalk for others to find; sometimes they’re tossed aside to make room for what’s next. And sometimes things are simply lost.

We all have attachments to things. They live as much in our memories and associations as in our daily lives. Looking at these pictures one experiences the discovery and remembrance of something both new and familiar. This is an intimate body of work in which the viewer may recall—with delight or dismay—things once discarded and since forgotten, and in so doing recover something left behind from his or her own life.