David Wolf Photographs

Aperture Foundation exhibits Blue Christmas in first “Summer Open”



Aperture’s Executive Director, Chris Boot, has selected David’s piece Blue Christmas, No. 1 to be included in Summer Open, the first exhibition of its kind organized by Aperture Foundation.

Designed to reflect “the state of photography now,” an open call for work resulted in 860 submissions from which 97 artists were chosen, representing the theme of “photography itself.”

Aperture’s “Summer Open” is on view from July 17 to August 14, 2014.




D6J7170 Blue Christmas No 1 adjusted and crop L R v2 662pix with SHM

Blue Christmas, No.1 is part of David’s ongoing project, The After Life of Things, which explores the unique qualities of expired photo papers to investigate the materiality of things and the nature of photographic materials.

While an artist-in-residence at RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco, David began the first phase of this project by drawing a parallel between discarded objects and discontinued photo papers as found objects. Blue Christmas, No. 1 is made from fifteen unique 5 x 7 prints, printed in the traditional color darkroom on paper dating from the 1980’s to ‘90’s.