David Wolf Photographs


The After Life of Things explores the materiality of things and our relationship to them, while celebrating the wonder of the traditional darkroom in an age of its demise.

In the first phase of this ongoing project I explore the unique qualities of expired photo papers to draw a parallel between discarded things and discontinued photo papers as found objects.

Each box of expired paper is a mystery until processed, as time and happenstance leave their mark in unpredictable, often beautiful ways.

Color shifts, fogging and stains become an intrinsic part of the printed image, and set the material parameters I work with in the darkroom. In this way the print itself becomes a found object, here echoing the random encounter with the discarded thing it has as its subject.

More celebration than lament, The After Life of Things inverts the decline of traditional darkroom photography by creating fresh work from unwanted, outmoded materials as it explores the very notion of obsolescence itself.