David Wolf Photographs

David Wolf’s photographs explore worlds both seen and imagined. Whatever his immediate subject, making photographs for David is a process of transformation. “By making a connection between one’s inner life and the greater world,” he writes, “art transforms not only what we see but who we are. At the heart of this process is empathy.”

While he has photographed in many places, Wolf most often works close to his home of twenty years in the vibrant Mission District neighborhood of San Francisco. The passage of time is a continual source of inspiration for David’s work. He is especially drawn to making images that express how change becomes visible in the physical world.

Following the impetus of one idea as it flows toward another, Wolf works organically, allowing the path of one project to create a context for the next. This willingness to work without a preconceived plan makes the process of discovery fundamental to his art. The result is a body of work both multifaceted and cohesive.

For nearly two decades David has devoted himself to the pursuit of handmade excellence in the traditional darkroom, printing and toning all of his editioned black and white prints himself.  More recently he has produced three series of color photographs, and has also explored aspects of combining photography with other media.

Wolf’s artwork is distinguished by an intrinsic balance of concept and craft, whether the finished work is a photographic series, assemblage or mixed media construct.  David’s photographs have been exhibited nationally at such venues as the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Griffin Museum of Photography, and the Photographic Center Northwest.  He exhibited a selection from his series, Nurturing Time, Life in a Backyard Garden, as an invited guest artist at the Lishui International Photography Festival in Lishui, China.

David’s work is included in a variety of museum, corporate and private collections.